Namaste & Vanakkam!

Greetings to the divinity present within you:)

I am an Indian culture enthusiast and love sharing my passion for this glorious culture with everyone. Using this blog as a medium, I wish to pen down my musings as I explore various aspects of Indian tradition. I am most familiar with South Indian Tamizh culture (wherein my roots lie) and this is the perspective from which I will be approaching most of my posts. Hopefully, through this blog, I will be able to learn about the other sub-cultures of India as well. As I was born in Malaysia and have been brought up in Australia for the majority of my life, I cannot claim to be an expert in Indian culture. Rather, having observed both Western and Indian ways of life, I hope to highlight why we should hold on to our customs with pride instead of simply aping the West, which seems to be a more popular choice among people these days. The posts will be based solely on my experience of holding onto Indian culture in a Westernised society and Indian tradition in general.

Happy reading!