Sticking to Tradition: No Visa Required

Namaste fellow tradition lovers!

Through my blogging initiative, I have come into contact with some pretty awesome people who hail from orthodox  families in India. Having had many conversations with them over the past few weeks, I realised pretty quickly that the idea of youths sticking to tradition (willingly)  in a Western country was so surprising to them. They did not think that such people existed, especially outside of India! I assured them that there are indeed some young tradition lovers out in the West 🙂 Our conversations got me thinking and I decided to make a new addition to my blog.

So…here it is. My first blog series! I will be writing a compilation of short stories under the heading “Sticking to Tradition: No Visa Required” to highlight unique experiences of Indians living abroad . I hope that you will enjoy this series and if there are any topics you would like me to cover, please leave a comment down below:)

A shout-out also, to my wonderful friends, the creative minds behind Ambireturns (, Iyerslife ( and the IyerTips Facebook page. They have made it their life’s mission to share their treasure trove of knowledge of Tamizh/Iyer culture with me!

Happy reading,



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